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Agricultural equipment and machinery

Our company provides an integrated approach to the provision of services. We offer advisory support in the selection of agricultural equipment, arrange the delivery of products, deliver orders. We set the main goal: to offer private households and large organizations agricultural machinery and equipment, which is characterized by the best quality-price ratio. A wide range of equipment

Among the equipment that we offer: equipment for the processing and preparation of the soil, fertilizer spreaders and irrigation systems of various types of precision drills, loaders, and other things that can effectively serve the business prosperity:


• Tractors

• Combine harvesters

• Cultivation Equipment

• Sowing machinery

• Technique for fertilization and processing fields

• Technique for harvesting forage

• Equipment for processing and loading of grain

• Mowers

• Rake-turning up

• Round balers

• Bale

• Trailers for transporting bales and rolls

• And much more

Agricultural products and foodstuffs

Supply of food - it is quite complex and specific area of service, so the error in the selection of a partner for the supply of food can be fatal for business success.

DANON LP - a young company, rallied collective of employees who have tremendous experience in the wholesale trade of agricultural products. The company works with farmers in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries. Export products to the European Union, Asia and North America.

Cereals, grains and pseudo grains Barley.

  • Maize

  • corn

  • Corn on the cob

  • Millet

  • Oats

  • Rye

  • Wheat

  • Durum (durum wheat)

  • Wheat softest

  • Spelled

  • emmer




Oil-bearing raw materials

  • Corn

  • Sunflower

  • Rape

  • soybean

  • Malt

For more information on agricultural products may obtain by contacting us.

We are pleased to expand our partnerships in the agricultural business, and will make every effort that our cooperation would be mutually beneficial.

For our clients we offer a rich assortment, comfortable working environment, and a flexible pricing policy. We love and value our customers and strive for long-term fruitful cooperation.

Tobacco products

Our company offers high quality tobacco products from the best plantations and factories from world famous manufacturers. You will definitely be able to choose something special for yourself, taking into account the huge number of your wishes

Elite and inexpensive tobacco for special occasions 

If you are looking for elite or inexpensive tobacco for rolls or pipes, here you can find what you need. The sale of tobacco is represented by the best brands, in particular, you will find manufacturers such as Denim, Dockers, Bali, Dean's pipe, Alsbo and many others. You can buy pipe tobacco with rich Burley and Virginia flavors, exotic Oriental and Cavendish notes. Pipe tobacco has a myriad of interpretations, so it is impossible to say which kind of tobacco you will like the most. We offer a wide selection of tobacco, taking into account a huge number of wishes. Here you will find a high strength, mild scent bag from G.L. Pease, medium strength with flavors from Alsbo, and light blends with a special delicate aroma from Black Vessel.


Flavors in handmade cigars

Buying hand-rolled cigars is now easier than ever. Each type of cigar presented here sounds in a special way, is filled with its unique aroma of tobacco leaves, filled with the gentle rays of the sun of plantations. It is hand cigars that focus on the special status of a person, and also emphasize the great taste and ability to understand tobacco products, choosing the highest quality. Their main difference from machine-rolled cigars is the hand-rolling process by specially trained craftsmen. They are always valued higher and have no analogues in their taste. Nevertheless, machine-rolled cigars have their own characteristics and also appeal to many buyers. Their production is carried out on ultra-modern machines, which is also reflected in the taste and ability to create a special mood. Here you can buy cigars from the world's best brands, in particular, find offers of premium tobacco products from the island of Cuba.

Consulting services

Our definition of management consulting is simply the practice of helping businesses improve efficiency. So what does a management consultant do? Our consultants offer a variety of management consulting services, including:

Strategic planning:

Strategic planning is a discipline designed to develop a roadmap for guiding an organization's strategic initiatives. Often, attention is focused on business needs and the ability of IT solutions to meet those needs. Strategic planning ultimately leads to the creation of processes that directly increase operational efficiency, market responsiveness, and customer value.

Succession planning:


In organizational development, succession planning is a continuous and future-oriented process used to develop a specific strategy to achieve the mission, initiatives and goals of an organization with the help of its people. Progress includes assessing future staffing needs, identifying required competencies, and evaluating, developing and retaining a team of talented employees to ensure leadership continuity in critical positions.

Organizational Development:

Organizational development is the process of taking steps to develop internal resources (employees, personnel) and internal methodologies (strategies, business processes) to support the mission and goals of the organization.


Facilitating business, organizational development and consensus decision-making refers to the process of designing and running a successful meeting. Facilitation serves the needs of any group that has a common goal, such as making a decision, solving a problem, or simply sharing ideas and information.

Organizational Change Management:

Organizations must embrace change in order to compete. Organizational change management focuses on the “human side” of change. Ineffective management of this process often leads to poor implementation, inefficiency and, ultimately, project failure.


These services help your business identify areas for improvement and develop appropriate solutions to match your resources and capabilities. Our solutions empower your resources to create value that aligns with your organization's goals and objectives.

Electronic equipment

The close ties and long-term relationships with all major electronics manufacturers are the key to the leading position in the global market.

We provide services that fully meet the needs and demands of consumers in the wholesale trade sector. Because of this, we have become a reliable partner for many companies and organizations of all sizes.

 Understanding the goals and objectives of the company at all levels of the organization, their well-honed system solutions close links with all the major manufacturers of home electronics and long-term cooperation with them is the basis for the successful operation of our company.






Computers and Accessories













TV and Video



Home theater system

DVD players and recorders 

Home Audio











Office Electronics

Telephones & Accessories

Video Projectors & Accessories                                                      

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