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About us

Danon LP registered in England with number LP16129 at July 2014.

The main objective of the company is to provide quality, affordable, and meets the highest requirements of the product.

Having studied the market and real requirements, the Danon team found the best producers of the Countries of Asia and Europe. Operational work with producers of agricultural equipment and production is adjusted. Flexible systems of mutual settlements are entered. The company on a constant basis holds tenders for transportation that allows to use the best carriers of production.

In the course of trade we use only the most qualitative and modern production of the European and Asian producers. Daily work on optimization of ways of delivery, the strong and confidential relations with producers, continuous modernization of a logistic, allow us to offer goods with the best ratio of the price and quality.

We are confident in production that which, we offer and safely we give a guarantee on its use.

Quality of production offered by us, was already managed to be estimated in Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, in the CIS countries.

Danon LP - your daily success.

Company's primary activities: Wholesale of agricultural machinery and agricultural equipment, agricultural products and foodstuffs.

The high level of satisfaction of our partners we achieve by

• unconditional compliance with international laws and regulations on the safety of products , as well as the relevant requirements of customers and consumers ;

• developing partnerships with suppliers and customers, as well as strengthening the company's reputation DANON LP, as a supplier of high-quality and safe products ;

• team of professionals ;

• continuous review of its activities in comparison with the demands and expectations of consumers in order to improve their work

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